• Reduces down time
  • Save fuel
  • Retrofit on new or existing equipment
  • Maintenance free
  • Helps extend the life of your engine


  • 15 second fan/rad  cleaning cycle   cooling ⇒ cleaning ⇒ cooling
  • Fan blades rotate to a reversed  position while operating at full engine RPM
  • Fan airflow is reversed,  blasting/purging  built up dirt and debris from the radiator
  • Manufactured  and designed with precision to operate with no maintenance
  • Robust fan, easily serviced
  • No need to take fan hub apart to replace damaged blades or air intake
  • No re-grease or additional running maintenance required
  • Mount reversing  fan on existing drive using supplied adapter plate


  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic  fan control
  • Automatic and/or manual push button reversing purge control
  • Infinitely Variable Pitch (IVP): an intelligent proactive fan option which monitors actual engine temperature, adjusting   blade pitch to increase/decrease airflow and engine cooling as required