Novatrax is very conversant with the agricultural industry, we are part of a company that has sold and serviced agricultural equipment for over 16 years. We understand that farming is hard work and that your time is valuable. Using the Flexxaire reversible fan, you will eliminate the need to stop your equipment to clean the radiator congested with chaff and debris. Whether you are feeding, harvesting or tilling,  use of the Flexxaire reversing fan will keep your rad clean, reduce your fuel costs and keep your engine running cooler.


Keeping your equipment up and running in difficult environmental conditions is key to working 24/7.

Having a Flexxaire reversing fan installed which cleans the radiator automatically on a scheduled cycle is a proactive way to avoid overheating of your engine, and will ultimately help reduce fuel consumption.   All of this will help your team stay focused on the task at hand, and help reduce maintenance requirements between shift changes.

Reduce fuel costs, labour maintenance, downtime…………………….

Waste and Recycling

The environmental conditions you work in mean that your radiator is constantly clogged with debris.  Installation of a Flexxaire fan will keep your radiator clean, with automatic cleaning purges, plus the operator option to manually purge between cycles at the push of a button.

Improve your operation efficiency, no more operator downtime cleaning radiators, reduce fuel consumption, let us help you lower your operating costs………

Foresty, Wood Chippers

We understand the environmental extremes that forestry equipment and teams must work in, with working temperatures of -50 deg C in winter to + 40 deg C in summer.  Installation of a Flexxaire reversible fan will keep your radiator clean with automatic and/or manual push button cleaning cycles. Ask us about the ‘Pulse-tronic fan’, an intelligent  proactive fan option which monitors actual engine temperature,  adjusting   blade pitch  to increase/decrease  airflow and engine cooling as required.


The Flexxaire reversing fan is designed and manufactured from quality materials here in North America.    Quality control, manufacturing continuity, and precision in design are the cornerstones which give this fan a higher life expectancy than any other reversing fan in the marketplace.

End users will enjoy this maintenance free unit, along with the additional benefits that it offers.  Increase your sales potential by offering the Flexxaire reversing fan as an optional extra on your equipment .

We will gladly work with you to provide a kit designed to meet the individual air flow requirements and needs of your equipment.