Our mission to customers has been “to provide simple solutions to common problems” by researching the market for new and practical remedies.  Today, Novatrax International Inc. still offers simple solutions to common problems as well as providing a neutral opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of various options and /or decisions.  Our search for new products and innovations is ongoing.

In fulfilling its mission, Novatrax International is often recognized as one of the highest quality providers of engine cooling and radiator cleaning reversible fans.  This passion for quality has resulted in exciting avenues of growth for the company, and ongoing opportunities for employee development.

We believe in our products and are committed to standing behind them. When a customer purchases a product from Novatrax, they are also purchasing a lasting relationship with our company.


With a lifetime background in agriculture, owner and entrepreneur John van Lierop opened his first place of business, Sunova Implement Ltd. in 1998. At Sunova Implement, the priority has always been on providing reliable equipment and dependable service. This focus on quality is clearly reflected in the farm equipment lines currently carried by the company.

Through the years, John has been challenged with a variety of common problems in the agricultural world that have not only cost the farmers time, but also impacted their bottom line. With that in mind, and building on his success and the experience gained in the agricultural and heavy equipment industry, John formed Novatrax in 2001.

Located in Lakeside, Ontario in the heart of Canada’s dairy region, Novatrax is a family-owned company built through hard work, integrity and a commitment to both our customers and our employees. With the support of this dedicated team Novatrax continues be a quality providers of radiator cooling and cleaning equipment and applications.


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