What some of our customers have to say about us:


Thanks for building such a well thought out device, 14000 hours and this is my second repair!”

– Don Prairie


“Flexxaire worked with Versatile to determine our specific needs and provided technical expertise throughout the integration process. The Flexxaire system improves the operating efficiency and increases the available power to the ground while reducing routine service and maintenance requirements.”

– Ryan Shust, Product Manager for Versatile tractors


“The Gleaner Reversing and SmartCooling™ fan developed by Flexxaire has truly made an incredible impact on farmer confidence and their peace of mind with its self-cleaning feature. No longer do they need to be blowing out the radiator and coolers in dusty conditions with chaff and soybean fuzz. The added advantage of the Variable pitch feature to reduce horsepower and fuel consumption provides an unparalleled advantage in this continuous load application. This SmartCooling™ reversing and variable pitch cooling fan was awarded an AE-50 Award by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE) for 2012. The support we have received from Flexxaire has been outstanding and AGCO has now made this option standard equipment for the 2014 Model year.”

– Kevin Bien, Brand Marketing Manager-Gleaner Combines

AGCO Corporation


Before using Flexxaire reversible fans, we tried a few different approaches to maintaining radiator performance in dusty conditions. Nothing has performed as well or as consistently as Flexxaire fans. From day one, we’ve had a really good working relationship with the people at Flexxaire. They respond to any issues quickly and thoroughly.

– Jamey Brick, Rotochopper